Copernicus Deli Cafe and Polish Bakery

Copernicus Deli Cafe and Polish Bakery is one of Lajkonik’s supporters. We appreciate their support and to thank them we have prepare this page to make sure everyone can find them at their new location. Copernicus Deli have moved in October 2016 to new location from Liverpool to Prestons industrial area. We all know, they make best polish donuts in Sydney.

Their new address is unit 29 of 332 Hoxton Park Road Prestons. Access to the building is of the service road left hand site (coming from Liverpool) past Mc Donalds intersection. They also had to change their business telephone number and now it is 9608-5468.

Business Hours:
Wed  9.30am-3pm
Thu   9.30am-4pm
Fri     9.30am-3pm
Sat    8.30am-1.00pm

Store location on Google map:


About Copernicus Deli Cafe and Polish Bakery

Sydney’s Polish community debates over which delis are the best or most traditional, and one of the only things it mostly agrees on is that the best pączki in town is at Copernicus. These deep-fried dough balls are like doughnuts but with richer, less oily dough. At Copernicus they come either dusted in powdered sugar and stuffed with home-stewed plum jam or glazed with icing.

Copernicus is owned by Marek Strzemkowski and his wife Maria. Maria makes all the cakes. Her favourite is szarlotka, a spiced cake with a shortbread upper layer that’s filled with stewed apples. A fundamental part of Polish culture is presenting a guest with cakes, tea and coffee. The most common of those is sernik, a cheesecake made with a fermented but un-aged soft white cheese (farmer cheese or quark). Copernicus’ version is zesty, but there’s no citrus – the tang is from the cheese.

Copernicus also does traditional polish sandwiches: cold meat cuts, cheese, bread and salads. Strzemkowski bakes an incredible sourdough rye bread light, dark and dark with seeds. If you’re looking for something different, try polendwica polska surowa, a cold-smoked, semi-raw ham deluxe. For home, get the homemade frozen pierogi (cheese or meat dumplings). They have lots of Polish imported goods on the shelf starting from śledzie, ogórki, kapusta kiszona finishing with Wedel’s ptasie mleczko sweets and lots of other treats.